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Top Gadgets for Sleep-image

Top Gadgets for Sleep

Dom Cadden - Sleep is the ultimate recovery. Good sleep leaves us sharp and refreshed, but bad sleep can hinder performance and decision-making. You’d think that with all the training athletes should sleep like logs, but with travel, different locations, nerves about matche[...]

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Beating the Wall

Dom Cadden - There is a way to beat ‘The Wall’ – or at least set it back in time and distance. It’s called glycogen-depletion training or ‘training low’ and it can help the endurance athlete whose event takes more than a couple hours. WARNING – there are risks of [...]

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Knee care for lacrosse-image

Knee care for lacrosse

Dom Cadden - Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports among young Americans, but injury can be a major setback for many players. It’s not even the body contact that’s the major problem – it’s the risk to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee that the spo[...]

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Dom Cadden - Some sports doctors consider platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections as big an advance in sports medicine as the MRI. This no-fuss treatment can work where other treatments have failed for sufferers of chronic issues such as tendinosis, osteoarthritis and bursitis. [...]

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Save thy Shoulders-image

Save thy Shoulders

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden Bench press, one of the three lifts in powerlifting, is hell for shoulders, but there are probably actions just as bad or worse – bowling in cricket, baseball pitching and swimming just to name a few. For a long time I had chronic shoul[...]

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Knee Problems for Triathletes-image

Knee Problems for Triathletes

By Mike Leahy, founder of Champion Health Associates and inventor of Active Release Techniques®. At most Ironman races we have a team of ART providers who work at the race and help athletes prepare in the 3-5 days prior to race day. After doing this for over 25 years, we have come to know what t[...]

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Sock it to me-image

Sock it to me

Socks – they often have an unsung role in the athlete’s outfit, but the right sock for a very specific job can make a huge difference.

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Fixing pitcher’s elbow – from the ground up-image

Fixing pitcher’s elbow – from the ground up

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden For the athlete, a vital part of recovery is about identifying why an injury occurred in the first place, and figuring out what can be done to prevent or at least reduce the risk of it reoccurring. That’s why research from the Universit[...]

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Compression – the research continues-image

Compression – the research continues

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden The use of compression in medical garments goes back a long way, but its application for sports is relatively much newer. Consequently, research is constantly being undertaken to verify exactly what assistance compression garments can o[...]

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Who’s up for a drink?-image

Who’s up for a drink?

We all know that training or competing while under the influence of alcohol would be idiotic, but that drink or five after the big game or training session can’t do that much harm, right? The research suggests otherwise. According to Ausport, athletes involved in team sports may be at greater r[...]

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