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Compression – the research continues-image

Compression – the research continues

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden The use of compression in medical garments goes back a long way, but its application for sports is relatively much newer. Consequently, research is constantly being undertaken to verify exactly what assistance compression garments can o[...]

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Who’s up for a drink?-image

Who’s up for a drink?

We all know that training or competing while under the influence of alcohol would be idiotic, but that drink or five after the big game or training session can’t do that much harm, right? The research suggests otherwise. According to Ausport, athletes involved in team sports may be at greater r[...]

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Crossing over-image

Crossing over

An abrupt end to participation in one sport can open the door to new opportunities and experiences in another – just ask 2XU’s Kim Crow. In 2004, Kim Crow went to the Australian Olympic trials for the 400m hurdles and came second to Jana Pittman, who was World Champion at the time. The follow[...]

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Recovery – best served chilled-image

Recovery – best served chilled

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion. Twitter - @TheDomWTF It may not be the greatest leap of logic since we confirmed that inhaling burning tobacco is bad for us, but researchers have now confirmed that psychological stress can play havoc with your physical recovery from training or[...]

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Back in the saddle  – survival tips for ultra-cycling-image

Back in the saddle – survival tips for ultra-cycling

Long ultra-cycling events are growing each year as people seek the next big challenge. Getting through such a challenge goes beyond the training – it’s about how to look after yourself so you can back up session after session and day after day. BILLY EDWARDS talks us through it.   by 2XU[...]

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“What’s up, 2014?”-image

“What’s up, 2014?”

Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter. As a sports and fitness editor, I’m part of a group that looks for, reports on and fuels (for better or worse – yeah, often worse!) health and fitness trends. So here are my predictions – part cynical, part hopeful and mostly factual [...]

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Cut to the core for a good swing-image

Cut to the core for a good swing

By Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter. A review of studies that was recently published in Strength and Conditioning Journal found that the big difference between the Pro golfer and the average hacker is how they use the muscles around their core. For the Pros, everything starts [...]

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Advanced hydration for athletes-image

Advanced hydration for athletes

Did you know that an average athlete is about 60% water? Our body is very complex and carries out hundreds of chemical reactions each day, and most of these require water. This is why hydration – the process of providing an adequate amount of water to the body’s tissues – is so important to [...]

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Water Therapy-image

Water Therapy

By Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter, in consultation with Shona Halson, PhD, Head of Recovery, Australian Institute of Sport and Paul Haines, Head Fitness Coach for the Gold Coast Suns. We’ve all seen it on the TV sports news – athletes and footy players walking, running[...]

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Straight to the point : Acupuncture for sports-image

Straight to the point : Acupuncture for sports

by Dom Cadden – Australian National Champion Powerlifter Needles have had a dirty rep in sport in recent years, but increasingly athletes, sports teams and even national sporting organisations are going old school – really old school – and turning to acupuncture. Acupuncture is more than ju[...]

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