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Beating the Wall

Dom Cadden - There is a way to beat ‘The Wall’ – or at least set it back in time and distance. It’s called glycogen-depletion training or ‘training low’ and it can help the endurance athlete whose event takes more than a couple hours. WARNING – there are risks of [...]

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Plant-based nutrition tips-image

Plant-based nutrition tips

BRENDAN BRAZIER, Garmin-Sharp Nutrition Consultant and co-founder of Vega. Brendan Brazier has revitalized his triathlon career and overall wellbeing by adopting a plant-based diet. Here he explains how plant-based nutrition can help athletes – and you don’t even have t[...]

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10 Nutrition truths people agree on-image

10 Nutrition truths people agree on

We hear so much conflicting information about nutrition that just working out a decent diet can seem like trying to pick the world’s top 10 best athletes – for every choice someone gives, other people will shoot it down. Rather than give his point or counterpoint, Kris Gunnars from Authority Nut[...]

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Runner’s gut-image

Runner’s gut

Dom Cadden - So you like your runs, but you don’t like the trots – no-one does! ‘Runner’s gut’ can range from an uncomfortable bloating feeling to nausea or abdominal pain, or that horrible feeling that there’s an upside-down volcano about to erupt from your lowe[...]

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Going Coconuts-image

Going Coconuts

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden Coconut water and coconut oil have been much-touted as superfoods, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? We asked Jessica Spendlove, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist with Sports Dieti[...]

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Fixing pitcher’s elbow – from the ground up-image

Fixing pitcher’s elbow – from the ground up

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden For the athlete, a vital part of recovery is about identifying why an injury occurred in the first place, and figuring out what can be done to prevent or at least reduce the risk of it reoccurring. That’s why research from the Universit[...]

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The skinny on fat burners-image

The skinny on fat burners

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden The claims about the super-ingredients in ‘fat burner’ supplements sound too good to be true – and they often are! Here we chew the fat on some of these ingredients, with thanks to the findings of an Obesity Reviews journal meta-analy[...]

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Who’s up for a drink?-image

Who’s up for a drink?

We all know that training or competing while under the influence of alcohol would be idiotic, but that drink or five after the big game or training session can’t do that much harm, right? The research suggests otherwise. According to Ausport, athletes involved in team sports may be at greater r[...]

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“What’s up, 2014?”-image

“What’s up, 2014?”

Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter. As a sports and fitness editor, I’m part of a group that looks for, reports on and fuels (for better or worse – yeah, often worse!) health and fitness trends. So here are my predictions – part cynical, part hopeful and mostly factual [...]

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There are lots of factors contributing to low energy – poor sleep patterns, overtraining, daily stress levels, inadequate recovery – the list goes on. What you eat – and when – can also have a big influence on your energy levels. For best results, it’s important to speak with your GP, spor[...]

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