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Running with a backpack-image

Running with a backpack

Kevin Mannix, 2XU Ambassador & ‘Ultra Running Guru’ Whether you run long trails or jog to work, a backpack can be a great aid. What’s more, wearing a pack can actually be a helpful reminder for good form, as opening up the shoulders and the posture required to run with a pack promotes [...]

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World Cup Tech-image

World Cup Tech

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden Technology is constantly evolving the way we watch and participate in sports. Soccer (or football, as the rest of the world knows it) is no exception, and at the World Cup in Brazil technology will also go a long way to helping officials [...]

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Sock it to me-image

Sock it to me

Socks – they often have an unsung role in the athlete’s outfit, but the right sock for a very specific job can make a huge difference.

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Pimp your ride-image

Pimp your ride

Dom Cadden - @DomCadden Once you have a bike, there’s a never-ending range of options to “pimp your ride” to make you faster, safer or just plain cooler. Here are some of the hottest upcoming accessories to look out for.   Folding Helmet by Overade For serious training rides, [...]

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Compression – the research continues-image

Compression – the research continues

Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden The use of compression in medical garments goes back a long way, but its application for sports is relatively much newer. Consequently, research is constantly being undertaken to verify exactly what assistance compression garments can o[...]

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Living the high life  – Victoria University’s Altitude Hotel-image

Living the high life – Victoria University’s Altitude Hotel

For years, many athletes have sworn by altitude training as a way to boost their cardio fitness. For Americans, working some altitude into the training schedule can be as simple as a quick trip to Colorado or New Mexico, but for Australians it’s a little trickier. Even Australia’s highest peak, [...]

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Back in the saddle  – survival tips for ultra-cycling-image

Back in the saddle – survival tips for ultra-cycling

Long ultra-cycling events are growing each year as people seek the next big challenge. Getting through such a challenge goes beyond the training – it’s about how to look after yourself so you can back up session after session and day after day. BILLY EDWARDS talks us through it.   by 2XU[...]

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Support Bra

Scientific support

By Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter. Female athletes have been around a long time now and breasts have been around even longer, yet sports bras only came about in the 1970s. The "jockbra” was an early prototype developed by Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith – it was two jockstr[...]

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Out in the open-image

Out in the open

By Dom Cadden, Australian National Champion Powerlifter, in consultation with 2XU open water champion Sam Sheppard. Apart from a few degrees temperature change, your local pool never changes. Open water swimming’s a wilderness expedition by comparison, and as the Aussie summer heats up, more sw[...]

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Appy with your training?-image

Appy with your training?

It all began when the invention of the mobile phone allowed us to call missing training partners at 5:35am and yell, “Where the heck are you!” Now smartphones open up a whole new world of tools to help keep athletes on track. Here are four types of apps worth considering.

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